xRumer, the most popular SEO tool

xRumer, the most popular SEO tool

Good SEO tools – where to look for them? Where to find information? Do such tools exist at all? There is no single best and most effective tool that has been adapted to linking activities. There are many such applications, and each of them certainly deserves a few words of both praise and criticism. For years, however, one of the most popular SEO tools has been xRumer.

It is used by many professionals and SEOs, who speak very positively about it. Without a doubt, it is very versatile and has a lot to offer, which is primarily what has made it so popular. As with every application, critics did not leave their breath on xRumer for years and accused it of being non-functional, ineffective and sure to lose a wide range of users in the coming months. This, however, did not happen, so it is worth bringing a little closer to its operation
and possibilities.

SEO tools, or what is xRumer used for

The main tasks of the SEO tool – xRumer include, first of all, creating profiles
and posting. However, this is not the end of its possibilities. Numerous functions and additional elements make it also used for other activities related to SEO.

It is possible to teach the program how to use new scripts, at the same time it has a rich base of already existing ones. This is its big advantage, which makes linking very diverse. Another important issue, which should be emphasized at the very beginning, is the possibility of creating entries on the pages very closely related to each other by topic.

What else can a user of xRumer count on?

  • Creating e-mail accounts,
  • Quick registration on forums and posting on them,
  • Creating profiles,
  • Q&A system: possibility to answer from one profile to a question from another one,
  • Support for multiple scripts and forums,
  • Fast collection of proxy addresses,
  • Many additional free and paid modules,
  • Report system in automatically created files,
  • Task scheduler for projects,
  • AL system that learns form filling on new and modified scripts.

xRumer – features you should get to know better

Creating projects: this is where you should start in order to increase your posting
and profiling. For many years, xRumer has been second to none when it comes to the availability of ready-made lists
in files: nicknames, anchors or URLs;

Profiling: in order to contribute to the forums, you must first create a profile and register on the site;

Posting: here it is worth thinking about strategy. There are many options for posting, such as creating your own topic, replying to existing topics, or having discussions on created topics from different accounts, which is an interesting option;

Managing link lists: it’s a good idea to take a closer look at the mysterious letters L, Z, M, R, E, which we can select in the place where we choose the appropriate forum.

LINKSLIST L: this is the list of addresses where it is possible to create profiles and posts. Based on this list, further lists are created.

LINKSLIST M: This is a list with activation links that the program has downloaded from your email inbox.

LINKSLIST Z: This is where you will find all the data that has been collected after a successful posting.

LINKSLIST E: here you will find the addresses of all the posts. This is an extremely helpful option,
if you want to edit existing entries.

LINKSLIST R: this is also where you will find a list of all the entries, however, you will use it when you wish to reply to a topic that was previously created.

LogicFiles directory

The xRumer app was designed to allow its users to modify and making changes concerning essential elements of the program operation. This is to help customize the tool and make it easier to use, but most of all to make sure that its potential is fully utilized.

It is in the LogicFiles directory that all the files responsible for performing the most important actions are located.

xas.txt and xas_AI.txt: these files are responsible for recognizing a particular field
and inserting the appropriate data;

x_user_agent.txt: this is the list of headers that are sent by the browser clients;

xas_near.txt: similarly to the above-mentioned file, this one is also responsible for recognizing fields in forms, with the only difference that it uses the text directly before the given field. This allows for more precise operation;

xurl.txt: this file is responsible for setting parameters related to the URL;

xpop.txt: one of the most important and extremely useful files. It contains instructions for activating accounts using email. Thanks to this you are able to determine what information is to be searched for in emails and what links are to be activated;

xmaxlen.txt: here you will find information regarding the length of your entries.

SEO tools – xRumer or ScrapeBox

Both tools, xRumer and ScrapeBox have a lot of supporters and are considered to be one of the best tools available on the market. Many professionals base their operations precisely on one of these two programs. You can not say that one is better than the other, because each of them is distinguished by its own features, which should be taken into account when choosing a program. Everything depends on what our requirements are and what we expect from a given SEO tool.

Its biggest advantages and features have already been described above. However, it is worth to emphasize once again what it has to offer:

  • Q&A system,
  • precise topic matching when it comes to searching for forums and posting on them,
  • very efficient collection of proxy addresses,
  • the AL system,
  • intelligent report system,
  • many additional modules,
  • automatic search for relevant sections of the forums where you want to post.

So if you are interested – visit xRumer’s website.

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