Make money from facebook + ogads

Make money from facebook + ogads

Hello Guys I do hope you guys are doin fine and are looking something new to make money with your Cpa links or want free traffic for your Cpa Link..

I used to Do this Mathod for getting my youtube videos loads of organic views and rank it but things got changed from views to engagement an now it’s hard as hell..

What this Mathod can be used for?
Getting your link across the multiple people and having them Click on it..

So here it is Guys..
1. What you need is Facebook page that’s it.Make Facebook Page name it share it. (Optional)

2. create a event in the Page with starting date should be After one year..   for example if today is 1.1.2021 then your event starting date should be 1.1.22 why Should starting Date be after one year? That’s because we want people to share this event and once the event starting date is over the event can’t be shared but comments. Make sure not create this event in Facebook profile but in the page you have created named(share it) name your event ( On your profile) Optional

3. Go to Event Edit Option and change to only Admin can post.. that’s it, you are done.

4. Now go to your event Discussion tab, click on it. It’s says Post in the event – choose option Post Video, choose your clip (no porn or copyrighted famous songs).

Upload your vid, once Facebook sound Sniffer went through your video, it is posted now.

Post your money Link in the title saying: Download here or tutorial how to Download it..

You have Cheated the Facebook. Facebook will only see if there is porn in it or any copyrighted songs. If so, those songs get muted.
Now Guys You can always twist it your way.. I have made loads of youtube views and I made 328$ with Ogads with this method.

I create Facebook Movies Group and had 50k members where I would post a Full Movie ( uploaded in the event) and a Google Blogger where I had uploaded these Movies to be Downloaded with ogads Locker..

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